• M.W.W. Michael Wilkerson is a U.S. Veteran & Author of the book titled:
  • ZIIN by M.W.W. Michael Wilkerson 

In 2013, U.S. Veteran & Author M.W.W. Michael Wilkerson’s is selling 500,000 copies!

After graduating from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale in 2004, Wilkerson had worked for a decade to become one of the world’s most motivated American novelist, with writing his newest book titled ZIIN by M.W.W. Michael Wilkerson sold on Amazon.com at the following link; http://www.amazon.com/ZiiN-M-W-W-Michael-Wilkerson-ebook/dp/B00EKX83NE.  He seems to be enjoying every minute of it according to his website http://wilkersonbooks.com.

Having little or no time to submit manuscripts to major publishers for his Action/Adventure novel ZIIN, he thought as though the gig was over.  Writing the book as he sailed around the world on the high seas, serving his country in the U.S. Navy seem difficult for him sometimes, but he remained positive, to keep writing in his spare time.  Then, one day, he decided to self-publish it as an e-book completely shocking everyone around him.

Today, the motivated Author M.W.W. Michael Wilkerson, 34, is living his dream. His book sales are climbing steady along with his reader base.  Having grown up in the Midwest, in a modest farming community, having worked in farming and manufacturing himself, in very hard jobs, many people can relate to him on a daily basis.  Even Veterans can relate to Wilkerson because he has served his time in the U.S Navy.

"If someone anyone had told me I was going to sell books in 2013, and actually make money from it, I would have laughed at him," Wilkerson says. "I never really intended to make any money from it and I started doing this because I enjoyed writing down my stories and sharing them."  "I hope one day that my work will become professionally edited, because obviously, I’m not an expert."

 The new digital world of E-books are changing how authors and readers connect with each other. Today, authors like Wilkerson with little free time can upload his work into Amazon or Smashwords for his reader base to quickly enjoy his work.  Many readers like to relate to authors that sometimes don’t have perfect work, but have the American dream, setting high goals, like Wilkerson with great stories.

 Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble booksellers, Smashwords, Sony eBookstore, Apple’s IBookstore, Google eBookstore, Kobo Books, Diesel Ebooks are all major E-book sellers.  It seems like every day readers across the world are tuning in to the newest trend of digital media, advertising, blogs & E-books while causing challenging times for traditional publishers.  This is the new digital revolution and Wilkerson is now tuned in.

 All we can say to U.S Veteran & Author M.W.W. Michael Wilkerson is good luck on the American Dream!